4 best free Mac apps

Mac computers have some of the most versatile and powerful apps that are available for different purposes.A number of applications have some cost associated whilst others are free. Learn more about powerful apps for your business with our IT consulting serviceĀ seattle.

4 best free Mac apps

I have compiled a list of 4 must have apps that can be found for free.However, you can still go for the Mac pro version if you need to access advanced features.These Mac apps are from different categories from music to cloud-data saving applications, routine management to business management etc.

The 4 best free business Mac apps include:


Caffeine is efficient and a very simple app that helps keep your Mac computer in an active state. It doesn’t allow your computer screen to go off or even show you the screen-saver.

This app is important when you’re watching a movie or doing video chat or giving a presentation etc. You can also customize it or even adjust the settings via your system preferences.


Adium is a communication application that helps bring together all the social media accounts to one platform. It supports several messaging services like Facebook, Yahoo, MSN,Google chat, Windows LIVE Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger etc.
This app gives a multitude of Instant Messaging services and connect your different accounts and choose which to disable or enable when you sign in. Adium has a clean and neat interface.All messages are received and sent with full security. Adium is better than other apps in terms of performance and security.


CloudApp is an easy and convenient way to share your documents, files with colleagues and friends. It has a very nice interface. You only require to drag and drop the file or items on the icon that is located on the menu-bar and it generates a download link or a short URL to your clipboard. Copy and send the link via chat or e-mail.


Found gives a lighting fast, intuitive search-experience that finds files or items across your personal and Mac cloud services i.e when you’re using different sites or storage method to save files. You can connect with your different accounts, including, Evernote, SkyDrive, Gmail (attachments), Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs. When search a particular file on this app, it will not only look on your Mac, but will also look on the connected accounts.
Found has a palette interface that is unique and a double-tap of the control key.Start typing and get results immediately with an instant, full sizes preview of any file. Found can even search those files that are located in the cloud.

Last but not least download these Mac apps now and start enjoying the benefits of having them on your computer. If you’re looking for a solid IT outsourcing company click here to learn more about our services.

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